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Rachel Carson

Rachel provides intelligence analysis, consulting and training to agencies and governments worldwide.

Considered an expert in her field, Rachel has proven success in influencing operational policing and the strategic direction of police and government organisations in safety and security.

Since graduating in 2000, Rachel has worked in both the public and private sectors, and spent ten years leading and developing two intelligence analysis units in the UK before focusing on the skills development of intelligence analysts. Rachel delivers a range of standard and bespoke courses aimed at analysts and managers of analysts from foundation analytical skills to specialist areas like tactical analysis for covert operations and social media analytics.

Rachel also advises clients on intelligence and analysis related matters including intelligence frameworks, structures, processes, analytical tools and techniques, recruitment, training needs and retention.

In January 2015, Rachel was appointed the International Development Coordinator for the International Association of Crime Analysts.

Rachel is a Lead Consultant for Top2% and is involved in the development of the business and undertaking a wide range of Analyst training courses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Intelligence management
  • Intelligence research and analysis
  • Problem solving
  • Evidence based policing
  • Network analysis
  • Social media analytics
  • Spatial analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Statistics
  • Performance and evaluation
  • Training and development - course design and evaluation


  • 2:1 Mathematics & Statistics BSc. (Hons) - University of Bath
  • Crime analysis training e.g. National Intelligence Analysis Training Initial, Strategic and Crime Pattern Analysis Courses (Greater Manchester Police), Problem Solving
  • Software training e.g. i2 Analyst Notebook, ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • Training skills, techniques and approaches
  • Warwick Business School Senior Manager Training and Senior Leadership Programmes

Courses Delivered

Introduction to Intelligence

This one week course covers the critical requirements for collecting, recording, evaluating, sanitising and briefing information and intelligence, in particular the adoption of minimum standards and security of information.

Intelligence Handling Processes and Practices

This two week course, customised to your organisation’s unique needs, will recommend a clear framework for handling and acting upon intelligence using recognised examples of best practice.

Managing Analysts

This one week course teaches the fundamentals of intelligence analysis to those who manage or work with analysts.

Modern Intelligence Analysis

This two week course provides analysts with the methods and thinking skills to become skilled intelligence analysts.

Intelligence Analysis Tools

This two week course trains intelligence analysts in a safe but interactive learning environment to become skilled users of the primary intelligence analysis tools and any other tools associated with relevant technical equipment.

Tactical Analysis for Covert Operations

This intensive two week programme of practical and theoretical learning opportunities develops the thinking and analytical skills taught during Modern intelligence Analysis to enable analysts to understand how their analysis can inform covert intelligence operations, using the analyst tools (software) taught during Intelligence Analysis Tools.

Strategic Intelligence Analysis

This two week course teaches advanced strategic analytical techniques using the analyst tools (software) taught during Intelligence Analysis Tools, to inform strategic decisions on long-term threats and policies.

Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence

This intensive two week programme of practical and theoretical learning opportunities reveals the opportunities presented by the internet in intelligence operations and investigations.

Analysis for Major Incident Investigations

This two week course provides analysts with the techniques to respond quickly and effectively to major incidents and to provide investigating officers with critical analytical support.

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