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Basic Search Manager

When there is a need to ensure that a protected person or event is safe and secure from threats a defensive search operation is the best method of assurance.

This 1-week course will provide students with the competencies and skills to plan and manage a defensive search operation. Students will be taught how to understand and assess the threat and vulnerability of a location and plan a comprehensive operation, using search teams to reduce the risk.

Course Objectives

  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Planning the search operation including building vulnerability and sectorisation, search documentation
  • Mortar baseplate assessments
  • Route Search
  • Remote Vehicle Search site
  • Defensive Venue Search
  • Running a Search operations Room

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1 week


On application

Study type

Classroom based

Entry requirements

Students should have undertaken the search course prior to undertaking this course

Course Achievement

Top2% Certificate of completion

Max no. of students


Course Consultant

Rae Jiggins

After serving as a Royal Marines Commando, Rae served for 24 years in the British Transport Police.


[email protected]