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James Ellender

James has spent 18 years working in various roles within business, law enforcement and intelligence within the UK and Abroad.

Whilst working in law enforcement, James was a Professional Investigation Process (PIP) accredited Detective Sergeant and qualified Inspector. He served as Officer in Charge (OIC) of a station, was portfolio holder for the UK covert training portfolio for his force for five years, and has extensive experience in planning, managing and deploying as an operative in covert intelligence operations.

Since 2010, James has been on the board of directors for various companies and is the founder and managing director of a UK based Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company with outlets across the UK, Middle East and is now expanding into Asia.

James has extensive experience in business along with writing and delivering specialist training for covert intelligence disciplines within the UK and abroad. James has a strong technical and operational background, which is maintained through continual research, training and operational consultancy.

James is a Lead Consultant for Top2% and is involved in the development of the business and undertaking a wide range of covert training courses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Training and development - course design and evaluation
  • Covert intelligence, investigations and operations
  • Covert technical support
  • Operational planning and command (overt and covert deployments)
  • Financial forecasting and backstopping
  • Business formation, compliance and management
  • Project Management


  • Advanced Surveillance Trained (Level 1 and 2, Counter and Anti)
  • PIP Level 2 Detective
  • Trained in numerous accredited covert courses since 2005
  • Advanced Drug/Narcotics Investigator specialising in concealments (NYPD/DEA Taskforce US)
  • Studying towards BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation - Courses in Design Thinking and Networked Living IT
  • Prince2 Project Management

Courses Delivered

Introduction into Covert Intelligence and Tradecraft

This course is designed to give students an insight into the covert techniques, related tradecraft and the procedures that should be adopted.

Agent Handling - Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Agent Handling course is designed to teach best practice, related tradecraft and procedures in how to identify, recruit and manage informants/agents for operatives that have not experience in this discipline.

Agent Handling - Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Agent Handling course is for students that have attended Stage 1 and is designed to advance the skills and ability of the students exploring more details in the tasking, briefing and debriefing of an agent.

Field Intelligence Operatives

This course provides Intelligence Operatives with a comprehensive operational understanding of the role of the Field Intelligence Officer, the role of the Analyst and intelligence products.

Covert Hides and Concealment- Personal, Vehicles and Premises

This course provides students with comprehensive operational ability and the training to deploy technical equipment across all spectrums including on person, within vehicles, rural/urban hides and premises.

Covert Framework and Infrastructure

The Covert Frameworks and infrastructure course explores in depth the necessary assets that are required to support covert operations.

Legends Course

The Stage 1 Legends course is designed to develop individual students skills in handling informants looking to participate in an undercover course or to manage covert businesses.

Managing Covert Operations

Management of covert operations is one of the most crucial and high-risk roles within an organisation.

Operational Security

Operational security officers are employed to protect your organisation, the personnel, the tactics along with the intelligence gathered during an operation and it is imperative they are provided the correct training to ensure their fulfill their role.

Surveillance Training

The Surveillance training course is designed to take students with little or no knowledge or ability in surveillance, through to an advanced stage where they can perform mobile surveillance or technical surveillance or mobile assets to a high standard.

Technical Surveillance

Top 2% delivers to a high and current standard training on all areas of technical surveillance. Technology is constantly changing and we are at the forefront when it comes to industry and technical knowledge.

Businesses and Banking Development

The business and banking development course is designed as the follow on for students that have attended the Framework and Infrastructures course.

Cyber Intelligence Operations: Engaging with the Online Subject

Cyber Crime and communication is the biggest threat to most organizations currently.

Cyber Intelligence- Navigating the Deep Web, Dark Net and TOR

This is a stand-alone course or in addition to the cyber intelligence course and aims to develop students understanding of how to navigate the Deep Web, Dark Net and TOR.

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